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individual concepts for you

We offer tours according to your individual interests and time schedule. Please tell us your preferences and we will customize your tour.

short tours

Straubing – An Introduction

from the lively town square to the eternal Danube: history and stories round a golden monument, traditional shops and … churches. A sneak preview into the famous roman museum (designated UNESCO World Heritage) is included.

  • up to 25 guests / 1.5h
  • in town centre

Secrets Of The „Stadtturm“

many steps to the lookout (with some rest)… we discover the inner workings of the medieval watchtower and … perhaps a real Poltergeist!

  • up to 14 guests / 1h
  • in town centre

Treasures of Romans
and Early Middle Ages

a short tour through the (UNESCO World Heritage) Roman Museum.
Roman military and civil treasures… and the following period of Early Bavarians

  • up tp 15 guests
  • in town centre

educational and creative

Visit inspiring sights and join a small sketching course:

You create your own, unique souvenir to take home… and remind you of these wonderful moments for years to come.

  • up to 20 guests / 2.5 hours
  • relaxing
  • Bus transfer optional (extra)

Cooking Class:

Learn how to make local delicacies like bavarian pork roast with bread and potato dumplings in historical ambience

  • up to 40 guests / 2.5 or 4 hours
  • pleasant kitchen ambience
  • Bus transfer necessary (extra)

authentic big sounds

Organ Music Power:

Visit St. James (cathedral style) church with its famous stained glass windows and listen in on a concert of the mighty (triple) organ there. Climb up the historic gallery – and gain an insight to the complex organ workings. Discover the different organ stops by playing by yourself!

  • up to 25 guests / 1.5h
  • in town centre

Funny Oldtimer Tour:

Tour remarkable, historical sights to the sound of the original motor of a vintage bus! Taste traditional bavarian snacks and have fun with local speciality beverages…

  • up to 25 guests / 2h
  • easy / casual

surprising and exquisite

Baroque Splendor:

Virtuoso Violin Solo Concert
in a gorgeous private Chapel…
unexpected behind a discreet façade…
your individual arrangement!

  • up to 25 guests / 1.5h
  • gentle walking

“Tasting this bread is worth the money I spent for the whole trip”
(Comment of one of our visitors 2019)
On our stroll along the marketplace we visit Bavaria’s best baker who will personally welcome you for a moment of tasting the delicious flavour of fresh rye and wholegrain bread.

  • up to 20 guests / 1.5h
  • easy / casual